Best Investment

I know a lot of people will read this and their first thought will be, “DUH! What is wrong with you?!”  But we all know I’m not normal.

This weekend I made the best investment…


A new crock-pot!

I used to have a mini crock pot, but it was a super cheap-o that didn’t work well and I never really used.  I tossed it in one of my last 4 moves (I can’t remember which, since they were all within the past 15 months!).  I’ve seen a lot of recipes lately that I want to make, but a majority of them required a crock-pot.  Fail! 

I knew with cooler weather on the horizon a crock-pot would be a good investment soon (if not already now), and I found this baby on super-sale at Wal-mart this past weekend.  Win!

My first creation was inspired by Jenna’s tex-mex chicken wraps.  I put the chicken in the pot, sprinkled some seasoning, topped with onions and salsa, and let it sit.  This was SO easy!  (This is where you all say DUH and hit me.)  Four hours later I took the chicken out, quickly shredded it up (once again, SO easy!), and added it back to the pot.  This is sooooo good!


Instead of lettuce wraps I used my chicken for some tacos.


Amazing.  I’m also going to mix it with some brown rice for lunches later this week.

Honestly, I knew crock-pot meals were easy and tasty (and can be healthy!), and I’m kind of kicking myself that I went so long without this magical cooking machine.  I foresee a TON of new recipes coming my way this fall/winter thanks to this little guy.

Speaking of little guys… here’s a random picture of Oliver looking all sweet & innocent while he naps. 


What are your favorite crock-pot recipes?

4 thoughts on “Best Investment

  1. The chicken/salsa crockpot meal is probably my favorite ever “discovery”. I add black beans and corn to mine. Excellent with chips or as a wrap or on rice. Freaking A, it’s just damn tasty!

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